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Fire damages apartment

Fire damaged an apartment near Eastern Avenue and Sunset Road early Thursday morning.

According to the Clark County Fire Department, the fire was reported at around 3:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived, they found smoke and fire in a second-story balcony closet. The fire had moved into the attic and apartment walls.

Crews attacked the fire and ventilated the roof to keep the fire from spreading to the entire roof.

No one was hurt. However, three women and a cat were evacuated from the apartment. Damage is estimated at $110,000. The cause of the fire is under investigation.  

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Driving You Crazy: U-turns along Arroyo Grande Boulevard

HENDERSON, Nev. - Darrin says too many drivers use a break in the median on northbound Arroyo Grande Boulevard near Warm Springs Road to make u-turns. He says it causes an extreme cluster of traffic and could cause a serious accident some day.

Henderson's traffic engineers agree that u-turns along that stretch are hazardous. Henderson will install "No U-Turn" signs along Arroyo Grande in four to six weeks.

After the signs are erected, Henderson representatives say they will request more enforcement from the police department.

If there is not a “No U-Turn” sign present, it is legal for drivers to make u-turns.

What's driving you crazy? E-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Demetria Obilor.

Driving You Crazy: Barriers along Warm Springs Road

LAS VEGAS - Kerri says the far right lane on westbound Warm Springs Road at 215 has had barricades up for months. She says she doesn't see construction crews, and it appears the work is done.

That work is part of Clark County's Warm Springs Interconnect Systems project. Crews have been installing fiber optic cable there for the traffic coordination system throughout the valley.

County representatives say crews aren't quite finished, but are close to being done. Crews were repaving the road and will soon replace pavement markings.

Additionally, the county will work on the south Beltway between I-15 and Windmill Lane through November. This construction will affect your drive near the airport. Most work will take place overnight.

What's driving you crazy? E-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Demetria Obilor.

Vehicle hits tree killing 1 in Henderson

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A man is dead following a single-vehicle car crash near Seven Hills Drive and W. Horizon Ridge Parkway Monday morning.

The crash happened at 4:45 a.m. According to Henderson Police Department spokesman Keith Paul, the driver was traveling on Seven Hills Drive when he crossed the center median and hit a tree. Investigators say the man may have had a medical episode before the crash. The male driver was the only occupant in the car.

The crash is under investigation.


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Nurses at St. Rose Hospital say ER not ready for Ebola

LAS VEGAS -- Two nurses at St. Rose Hospital say their emergency room isn't ready for Ebola. Management at the hospital tells 8 News NOW that is not true.

The nurses say they don't have the training and equipment to be ready in case an Ebola patient walks into the hospital.

Management says anyone on the front lines, who could be faced with an Ebola patient, has the resources they would need.

Both nurses wanted to remain anonymous.

“It's the scariest virus we will probably see for the first time in my life,” one nurse said. “It's definitely a threat.”

The nurses say the St. Rose Hospital where they work is not ready for Ebola and they're speaking out to fix that.

“We need to protect each other and protect the patient, protect the community,” one nurse said.

Parents suing school district over daughter's death from bullying

LAS VEGAS -- Details of how a teenage girl from Henderson was bullied to death are now laid out in a new lawsuit.

The parents of 13-year-old Hailee Lamberth are suing the Clark County School District saying it failed to protect their daughter, who took her own life nearly one year ago.

The 28-page lawsuit was filed Tuesday.

In it, Jason Lamberth claims his daughter Hailee may still be alive today if CCSD had a tougher policy to prevent bullying.

Now, he and other parents who say their children were also tormented in school are banding together in hopes of bringing about change.

Lamberth says just hours before his daughter Hailee killed herself last December there were no signs that anything was wrong.

"Earlier that day she sent a text to me and my wife saying that she got student of the month in math," Lamberth said.

Lawmakers looking to give teeth to anti-bullying laws

LAS VEGAS -- A father who lost his daughter to suicide is suing the Clark County School District for failing to let him know she was the victim of bullying.

Now, two state lawmakers are working with him to put laws on the books to address the problem. If the lawmakers have their way, the district could face criminal charges for not telling a child's parents about bullying.

“The lack of change on behalf of the school district sometimes makes it feel like my voice is falling on deaf ears,” Jason Lamberth said. “The biggest concern is that there are no consequences for school employees when they fail to do what they're required to do.”

Lamberth's 13-year-old daughter Hailee took her own life last December. He says he later learned she was the victim of bullying, which her school was made aware of before her suicide.

By law, parents should be notified. Lamberth says he and his wife never were.