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Units in Apartment Complex Condemned

LAS VEGAS -- Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on valley residents at one apartment complex. The building they call home is on a ridge that is is crumbling and causing damage to the units.

Clark County has condemned part of the Mesa Ridge complex near Russell Rd. and Nellis Blvd. Eight families have been displaced after part of the complex was blocked off. However management was able to move those residents into other vacant apartments in a safer part of the complex.

A spokesperson for the apartment building says they've been dealing with the ridge crumbling since they first built the complex five years ago.

"Immediately we noticed that when it rained it seemed a lot of debris fell off the mesa and came through here and actually caused damage to lower homes behind us," said Ginger Reed, spokesperson.

Now that the county has condemned part of the complex, work will begin to secure the area.


Coroners Inquest into Henderson Shooting Ruled Justified

HENDERSON, Nev. -- The shooting death of a Henderson man by police has been ruled justified. A coroner's inquest was held Friday in the shooting of Richard Nolton.

The 42-year-old was killed after a standoff on July 3 with officers at his Henderson home near Greenway and east Horizon Drive.

Officers were called to Nolton's home after a call that he was threatening his wife and son. Both got away unharmed.

Nolton was shot by Officer Brian Pollard after he confronted police with a hand gun.

Crash Causes Concerns About Flight Zones

LAS VEGAS -- A small plane that crashed landed in a Las Vegas neighborhood Monday morning, killing a 45-year-old Louisiana man. Three others on board survived.

The plane narrowly missed slamming into homes, and residents say that's exactly why the Federal Aviation Administration needs to enforce stricter flight rules on where pilots can fly. They're hopeful, this crash helps their cause.

In Henderson, there are homes right by the airport. It is common to see aircraft take off at the Henderson Executive Airport throughout the day. But after Monday's crash, every sight and every sound of them comes with concern.

"Now, whenever I hear it on top of the house, I will be with my ears standing up wondering when is it going to happen again," said Olga Marullo. "Before they know it, there will be another. Maybe even a disaster."

The City of Henderson is Going to the Dogs

HENDERSON -- The City of Henderson is encouraging dogs and their owners to take part in a special Doggie Paddle and Play Day.

The event will be held Sept. 18 at Black Mountain Aquatic Complex. The dogs can use the pool as well as take part in several contests.

"With the opening of the new Bark Park at Heritage Park, interest in pet-friendly activities and places to go has never been stronger," said Angela Hester, Aquatics supervisor of City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. 

There are a few rules for Doggie Paddle and Play Day. Dogs weighing 50 lbs or less will swim from 9 -10:15 a.m. while dogs weighing 50 lbs or more can take a dip from 10:45 a.m. until noon. 

Public Charter School Turning Out Great Students

LAS VEGAS -- Public charter schools are becoming a popular alternative for a growing number of Las Vegas parents who want a more unique and individualized learning experience for their children, without the pricey private school tuition.

The Explore Knowledge Academy teaches grades kindergarten through 12th to more than 600 students. There's a waiting list to get in, and it is about to become the state's first and only i-school campus. Not bad for a school that was created eight years ago in the kitchen of a Las Vegas family who home-schooled their kids because they wanted something different.

At the academy, you won't find students sitting in any nice neat rows of desks listening to a teacher lecture at a chalkboard.

"What you are going to see are engaged active students," said Abbe Mattson, Executive Director of Explore Knowledge Academy.

Big DUI Enforcement Planned for Holiday Weekend

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Highway Patrol says Labor Day is second only to the Fourth of July for being the deadliest day on the nation's roads. But in Clark County, there has not been a single Labor Day traffic fatality for the past three years.

Several sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols are planned for Labor Day weekend, in what the group Stop DUI is describing as the nation's largest coordinated effort by law enforcement to prevent DUI deaths and injuries.

"We are proud to announce an unprecedented effort by seven different Nevada law enforcement agencies," said Sandy Heverly with Stop DUI.

Just days before the holiday weekend gets underway, DUI survivors, victim advocates, officers, and prosecutors gathered at NHP headquarters to kickoff a massive impaired driving awareness and enforcement campaign.

Trash Services May Change All Over the Valley

LAS VEGAS -- The effort to go green may mean smelly garbage in your garage. A public meeting Tuesday night will bring together local governments with Las Vegas' sole trash collector, Republic Services.

Some possible changes to trash collection and recycling programs are being discussed. Republic Services says it has several pilot programs operating around the valley. For example, some families in North Las Vegas like having one day to get everything collected on the curb: trash and recycling. Some say that idea is terrible.

"Tonight's agenda will really be focusing on, is trying to drill down what the cost is for recycling, how much profit are they making, are there jobs we can create or manufacturing opportunities for commodities sales, and how to protect against, as Republic automates its trucks, how to protect against losing 300 to 350 jobs," said County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.