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Local Olympian Connor Fields pulls off ultimate surprise for 5th grader and class

Henderson resident Connor Fields proves time and time again why he's a true Olympian.

Two days after he returned home from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janiero, he visited a child by the name of Charlie Mendoza. Fields met Charlie about three years ago after he had brain surgery.

Charlie was fighting brain cancer, so he had to have surgery on his brain to remove a tumor.

However, the surgery paralyzed him. Fields said he received a call from Charlie's dad, Mr. Mendoza, asking him to come to their house and hang out with Charlie to get his spirits up.

Fields said after hanging out with Charlie, he told him, "when you can walk again, I'm going to teach you how to ride a bike."

Charlie's father said the day Fields left his house his son went from crawling to walking. Now, Charlie is in the 5th grade, walking and thriving at Green Valley Christian Academy... Read More

Nev. Board of Education unanimously approves reorganization plan

The Nevada Board of Education has voted unanimously in favor of a dramatic plan to shift the balance of power from a central office to the more than 300 schools in the Clark County School District.

Proponents of the reorganization plan approved Thursday say it's important for Nevada to act boldly, arguing the status quo hasn't improved the state's bottom-ranking public school system.

The plan fine-tuned over the past 14 months calls for an "empowerment" model that gives principals and their volunteer boards control over about 80 percent of the money flowing to their schools.

Critics scrutinized the details of the plan, asking whether it will distribute resources equitably. A panel of 12 legislators still must approve the final regulations that passed Thursday. That vote is expected on Sept. 9... Read More

Advisory Committee approves preliminary reorganization plan, 27 revisions for CCSD

The Advisory Committee unanimously approved the preliminary reorganization plan and 27 revisions for the Clark County School District.

The committee spent numerous hours Tuesday in a meeting trying to figure out how to reorganize CCSD.

Under the proposed plan, each school would be independently run, and instead of the superintendent, the principal, a team of teachers, and parents would be in charge of hiring and budgeting.

There's no concrete answer on exactly how much it will cost to make the transition.

"It will put pressure on the legislature to address inadequate funding for the school system next session," said Michael Roberson,, Nevada State Senator for District 20. "We do need to invest more in education in Southern Nevada."

Some of the amendments also state that parents who join organizational teams won't be protected from lawsuits. Plus, only middle school and high school students will be able to join organizational teams... Read More

Rock climbing becoming a draw for Las Vegas

It's not just entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip drawing people to southern Nevada anymore. Outdoor activities like rock climbing are bringing more people to the valley, according to an economic report just released.

"It's really fun because you tend to get into the zone sometimes and forget how high up you are and what you're doing," said Matt Christie, a climber.

He got into rock climbing about two years and likes to spend time training at Origin Climbing & Fitness in Henderson.

He hopes to reach new heights at Red Rock Canyon when the weather starts to cool down in about a month.

"The rock there, to me, is my favorite kind of rock," he said. "It's got this awesome kind of sandstone where it's really super smooth, but also really grippy which is a real hard thing to find."

He's not alone, according to an economic report. The Mountain Gear Red Rock Rendezvous three-day event helped bring in $1 million to the local economy this year... Read More

Home damaged by lightning during thunderstorm

Officials say a Las Vegas-area home was damaged by a lightning strike and fire during an intense overnight thunderstorm, but no injuries were reported.

Henderson city spokeswoman Kathleen Richards says a woman and dog escaped the house before firefighters extinguished the fire about 4 a.m. Thursday in the Madeira Canyon community.

Firefighters reported the roof and attic were damaged, and estimated the loss at $75,000.

Police and fire officials in Las Vegas and Clark County didn't immediately report serious incidents or injuries due to the storm.

The National Weather Service says some desert areas south and east of Las Vegas received more than an inch of rain, but there were no reports of widespread flooding.

The official weather station at McCarran International Airport logged a fraction of an inch of rain... Read More

NV Energy files proposal with PUCN to grandfather in private rooftop solar customers

NV Energy filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) a proposal Wednesday to grandfather-in eligible private rooftop solar customers.

In its filing, NV Energy requests that customers who had installed a private system prior to December 31, 2015, remain on the previously approved net metering rates for 20 years. The company also asks that customers who had an active and approved application to interconnect a system pending on December 31, 2015, remain on previous net metering rates. ... Read More

Police: 3 men stole guns in home robbery

Police are investigating reports of a home robbery Monday morning in a neighborhood near Sunset Park.

The robbery occurred around 4 a.m. in the 2100 block of Sierra Stone Lane.

According to police, the resident told police two of the three men were armed with guns when they entered the home and took property from the home which included guns.

Police are still searching for the men... Read More