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Campaign Raises Awareness About Flood Dangers

LAS VEGAS - The Clark County Regional Flood Control District is raising awareness about the dangers of flooding as part of Monsoon Safety Awareness Week.

The Flood Control District has posted billboards across the valley that cite the dangers of driving through flooded roads.

One billboard is located near the Pittman Wash where floodwaters swept away a 17-year-old male last year. Another billboard sits near the Desert Rose Golf Course where a landscaper drowned.

The billboards warn, "Don't enter flooded streets." The signs are featured in English and Spanish and depict a wave of water rushing toward the reader.

Henderson to Dedicate Newest Park Saturday

Henderson to Dedicate Newest Park Saturday

The City of Henderson will be holding a grand opening celebration this weekend for its newest park.

Cornerstone Park at 1600 Wigwam Parkway near Stephanie Street will officially open at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Mayor Andy Hafen and members of the city council will dedicate the park. The celebration also includes a bounce house and guided birding tours. There will also be a bike valet for people who ride their bike to the event.

The 100-acre park includes a 31-acre lake, basketball and volleyball courts, individual picnic pavilions, walking trails and exercise stairs.

There is also a corporate plaza and catering kitchen that can be rented for special events and gatherings.

I-Team: Valley Man's Unknown Identity Draws Nat'l Attention

Paul Fronczak today.

LAS VEGAS -- A multi-level mystery that exploded into an international media sensation nearly half a century ago is big news once again.

The I-Team first reported the story of Henderson resident Paul Fronczak earlier this year.

A DNA test taken by Fronczak and his parents revealed that he is not the person he thought himself to be.

8 News NOW launched an investigation to help Fronczak find out who he is and what might have happened to his namesake, a baby kidnapped in 1964.

The story is finally percolating on several levels.

The I-Team told Fronczak from the beginning that his story would make national news once the initial reports received broader exposure.

Vigil Held for Accidental Shooting Victim

Vigil Held for Accidental Shooting Victim

LAS VEGAS -- Huddled in a group at Estelle Neal Park, a group of friends reunited. A few years ago, they were classmates at Joseph Neal Elementary.

Sunday, they came from all parts of town to celebrate a former classmate, 13-year-old Brooklynn Mohler. Mohler died from an accidental shooting June 4.

"She was like the best person I knew. She was so sweet and athletic, and she got along with everyone," said Kaitlyn Lucas.

In the 5th grade, Brooklynn became the student council president. Teachers said she was a friend to everyone and could cheer up classmates with a smile.

Even though Brooklyn's family made the move to Henderson after her 5th grade year, she left a lasting impression.

"She was just one of those kids that you can never forget, and she's got a place in my heart always," said Brooklynn's teacher Amy Strube.

Death of Teen Puts More Emphasis on Gun Safety

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police have been trying to make sure gun owners know how to keep their firearms from getting into the wrong hands.

According to gun experts, a bullet can travel out of a medium sized 9 millimeter hand gun at more than 680 miles per hour. Faster than the human eye can blink and it takes that much time to change lives forever.

There have been at least 4 shootings involving kids playing with guns going back to 2009.

A six-year-old girl was shot in the chest while playing with an loaded handgun in the southwest valley in September of 2011. A 5-year-old was shot and killed by another boy playing with a gun he found in a toy chest.

In North Las Vegas, a 10-year-old boy was critically shot when he found a gun on a bookcase.

The most recent shooting involved 13-year-old Brooklyn Mohler being shot Tuesday afternoon.

Businesses See Surge with Rising Temperatures

LAS VEGAS - Dangerously hot temperatures and an excessive heat warning are on tap for Las Vegas this week. While that's bad news for many people, some businesses welcome the warmer weather.

June, July and August are some of the busiest months for indoor shopping malls such as the Galleria at Sunset. Hotter temperatures mean more foot traffic and more money as people try to escape the heat.

People shop more as they prepare for summer vacations. Kids and teens who are out on summer break also flock to malls. Late summer brings back to school shoppers.

Galleria representative Heather Valera says they hold more events during the summer to entertain shoppers and keep them inside longer.

"We do walks with charities. We do a lot of back to school events. We have fashion shows, so there's something for everybody," Valera said.

Police Call Teen Girl's Shooting Death 'Tragic Accident'

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police said another teenage girl was holding the gun when it discharged, shooting and killing 13-year-old Brooklyn Mohler Tuesday.

Brooklyn was shot at a house in the 1600 block of Little Crow Avenue, near Spencer Street and Pebble Road about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. The teen was transported to an area hospital where she died later that evening.

Metro Police described the shooting as a "tragic accident" and said it doesn't anticipate filing charges in the case.

Police said the gun came from inside the home where the girl was shot.

Neighbors said they didn't expect a shooting on a quiet cul-de-sac inside the gated community.

"I came home and they had a bunch of crime scene tape up and the police were everywhere," neighbor Andrew Mertz said. "It is still surprising even though I saw other stuff happen before and I didn't think it would get this intense."