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Bratalian Neapolitan Cantina Balances Tradition, Innovation

Reviewer: this restaurant does solid high-end Italian without being stuffy.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration -- sometimes extending to awe -- for extremely innovative chefs. The ability to incorporate products new to the market or to create new combinations can reveal laudable creativity. I can picture some of the most innovative chefs in their kitchens, wheels turning furiously, as they say something like, "Oooh, let's try scallops with mead and white chocolate!" -- which is something I actually had at a restaurant in Florida, and which was much better than in my wildest dreams I would've imagined. But I digress.

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President Obama Turns Attention to Clean Energy in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- After spending 17 hours in Las Vegas, President Obama is on his way as he continues a three-day sweep through five battleground states.

Obama spent the morning at a UPS hub near Warm Springs and Bermuda Roads. He announced the sale of oil and gas drilling leases for nearly 38 million acres in the central Gulf of Mexico and promoted the completion of a highway corridor for vehicles that run on liquefied natural gas.

President Obama Overnights in Summerlin Hotel

"Even with all this oil production, we only have 2 percent of the world's reserves.

Tide Now Offers Dry Cleaning

Tide Now Offers Dry Cleaning


One of the biggest names in laundry is branching out into dry cleaning.

Panda Dry Cleaning held a grand opening of the first southern Nevada Tide Dry Cleaners store, 10041 Eastern Avenue, Henderson. Tide laundry detergent has been around for 65 years. Now, the parent company Procter & Gamble is expanding the brand to provide dry cleaning.

The new cleaners will use green dry cleaning technology to clean clothes while keeping the environment clear of pollutants.

Athletes Wanted for Senior Games

Registration will open next week for this year's Henderson Senior Games.

The program provides sporting and social events for athletes 50 years and older. The games will take place April 10 through 29 at various recreation centers and parks around Henderson. The events offered include

  • basketball skills
  • bowling
  • fitness
  • power lifting
  • golf
  • table tennis
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • track and field

“There continues to be a growing interest in organized sporting events for active adults in our community, and the Henderson Senior Games provides an opportunity for athletes of all levels to get involved and to take part,” said Michele Howard, Recreation program coordinator, City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. “The spirit of friendly competition is what makes the program so appealing.”

Police Focusing on Intersections This Week

Police Focusing on Intersections This Week


Another round of heavy enforcement for intersection safety takes place this week in southern Nevada.

A report released this week by the Alliance for Biking and Walking rated Las Vegas 32nd out of 51 major cities for safety.

Local jurisdictions have “safety events” planned throughout the valley this week, including the following:

Pizza Pizza!

Curtas: Two pizza entries rank better than the chains, but below the city's gold(en crust) standards.

If you follow ELV religiously — and let’s face it who doesn’t? — then you know he’s been on a pizza jag recently.

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