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UPDATE: 2 fire victims transported to hospital

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Fire Department has responded to a residential fire at 241 View Drive, near Alta Drive and Jones Boulevard.

UPDATE: KNOCKDOWN on fire, second victim being transported to Hospital, Fire Marshal Robt Nolan will be PIO on scene, PIO1 will follow up, second victim is elderly smoke inhalation victim. Crews looking for hot spots. #PIO1NEWS https://t.co/mUSRNVo2RM

— Las Vegas FireRescue (@LasVegasFD) October 11, 2019

Initial reports do confirm that at least one person was transported to the hospital with serious burns and a second person suffered smoke inhalation. ... Read More

Gov. Sisolak ‘outraged’ over attempts to influence Nevada elections, marijuana market

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced he is creating a special marijuana task force after learning foreign nationals tried to power-broker their way into Nevada’s legal marijuana market. This move comes after Thursday’s announcement of Ukrainian-connected federal indictments.

Prosecutors allege the money originated with a foreign power, possibly Russia.

New York prosecutors allege that foreign born men attempted to influence U.S. politics by funneling money into U.S. political campaigns which included Nevada Republicans. Records show donations of $10,000 each to Adam Laxalt, the former state attorney general who lost his bid for governor, and Wesley Duncan, who ran unsuccessfully for attorney general.

Laxalt and Duncan’s campaigns both say they did not know the men or what they were planning. Both say they returned the contributions... Read More

What’s Driving You Crazy? – Overhead traffic signs that all say the same thing

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The overhead signs that all say the same thing are driving at least one viewer crazy

Tommy might speak for a lot of folks:

“For the MOST part all they ever say is that the HOV laws are in effect 24/7. You’d think that for ALL THE MONEY that the taxpayers spent that the signs would have useful traffic information rather than remind us that we are required to follow the law. How about drive times, accident notifications, or anything that might help someone avoid delays?”

Tommy- that’s exactly what the signs are supposed to do. all the NDOT folks have said on this topic is that the signs are “undergoing testing.” Tommy closed with a zinger:

“Even a lame dad joke each day would be better than how they are currently being used. The signs that are completely blank are even more frustrating. Come on NDOT!! Earn those tax dollars that we pay you!!!”... Read More

New “jazzy” opportunity for Las Vegas youngsters

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A program called the Jazz Outreach Initiative is kicking off a collaboration with the long-established “Las Vegas Youth Orchestra.”

“JOI” founder, trumpeter Kenny Rampton, stopped by 8NewsNow to talk with Nate Tannenbaum about it. He was joined by JOI Executive Director Donny Thompson and Vice-President Gary Cordell.

They talked about the new program that kicks off Sunday (October 13) with a concert at the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra’s facility in the Commercial Center at 900 E Karen Ave in Las Vegas.

Rampton grew up in Las Vegas and is passionate about doing as much for his hometown as he can – despite the rigorous schedule he has as part of the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra with world-renowned musician Wynton Marsalis.

Rampton talks about how proud he is of learning to play trumpet during his time at Bonanza High School. He went on to UNLV and studied in the school’s acclaimed jazz program... Read More

Feeling the fall chill

Plenty of sunshine on this crisp fall Friday morning. There is still some lingering north winds along the Colorado River and extreme southern Clark County, but the valley has calmed down a lot. Temps will only be slightly warmer today and then warming up quite a bit again in Sherry’s #WeatherNOW forecast... Read More

California Wildfires: Residents scrambling to save themselves and animals

LOS ANGELES — A wildfire is burning through parts of the San Fernando Valley in California. It is threatening homes and causing thousands of evacuations is some communities.

The blaze erupted late Thursday along the northern tier of the San Fernando Valley as powerful Santa Ana winds swept Southern California, fanning several destructive blazes.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said the fire had grown to more than 6 square miles before dawn and an estimated 12,700 homes were under evacuation orders.

Thursday night people were seen trying to move horses away from the flames. ... Read More

SNEAK ATTACK: Cub startles mom lioness

EDINBURGH — A playful and mischievous cub decided it was a good time to play tricks on her mama. The lioness, Roberta, was relaxing watching her cubs play — what she didn’t know is one was behind her and ready to pull a prank.

Take a look as a playful cub sneaks up on mom at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo. The zoo shared the video earlier this week and it’s easy to see why it’s gone viral.

Surely, some moms can relate to this video!... Read More