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Henderson Pavilion Facing Weeks of Repairs | News

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Henderson Pavilion Facing Weeks of Repairs

HENDERSON -- Strong winds have moved through valley several times this spring season. The most recent wind storm caused so much damage to one structure, it will take months to repair.

The Pavilion in Henderson proved no match for Mother Nature. The canopy suffered a hole roughly a third of the size of the entire structure.

The Pavilion located at Green Valley Parkway and Paseo Verde is often considered one of the best places to watch a concert. But, this summer, it will be out of commission until the hole can be repaired.

"I pulled up on the outside and my heart kind of dropped. It was shocking. The structure was built to withstand hurricane force winds," said Molly Murphy, Henderson Symphony Orchestra.

The wind tore the canopy like it was a piece of paper.

"It was quite heart wrenching. I shut my door in my office at work and, kind of went, this is going to be an interesting turn of events for us."

This is Murphy's second home. As director of the Henderson Symphony Orchestra, she and her colleagues perform under the canopy six times a year. There was even a concert scheduled for tonight.

"It has been very challenging for not only them, but all the events we had scheduled," said Bud Pico, Henderson's manager of Cultural Arts and Tourism.

He says the closure of the Pavilion Center has forced them to re-locate dozens of concerts and events. Insurance will pick up the bill for repairs, but it's expected to be in the area of $300,000 and the repairs will take most of the summer.

"Unfortunately the material comes from Hungary. It will take quite a few weeks to get it here. We're looking at a 6 to 7 weeks before it is up and running again," said Pico.

The concert that had been scheduled for tonight at the Pavilion by the Henderson Symphony Orchestra was moved to Basic High School.


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