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Mandatory Spay and Neuter Law Goes Into Effect | News

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Mandatory Spay and Neuter Law Goes Into Effect

LAS VEGAS -- Pet owners in Clark County must now have their pets spayed or neutered before four months of age or face heavy fines or even jail time. The cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Mesquite all have similar measures. 

Combine that with the county ordinance and that means nearly nine out of 10 people in southern Nevada will be required to have their pets spayed or neutered. Pet owners who violate the law could face a misdemeanor charge, which could include a fine up $1,000 and six months in jail.

For pet owners who might be worried, county leaders say they won't be doing door to door searches. 

"It's basically if they catch strays and vicious animals, dog bites or cat bite attacks, parks, because all the parks are, those are where their eyes and ears will be," said County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

The law has been on the books since January, but a 120 day grace period was allowed to give pet owners time to be compliant. 

The law requires pets to be spayed or neutered before the age of four months, but for owners with older pets, Commissioner Giunchigliani says if they're brought to a shelter, a veterinarian could provide an exemption, which would give owners a break.

There are some exceptions for service dogs and law enforcement animals.

Owners of Spay and Neuter Centers say the new law has owners who would have never considered getting their pets spayed and neutered coming in droves to get it done.

"We're seeing a lot of older pets, not the typical four to six-month-old. We're seeing pets seven, eight, nine-year-old range. We're seeing people who just cannot afford a full service price to have their pets spayed or neutered," said Dr. Melanie Brazil.

Surgery for cats can range from $45 to $80 and for dogs from $95 to $250, depending on the weight. Owners also need to make sure if your bring your pets in they are current on their rabies shots.


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