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Mohawk Robbers Hitting Stores in Henderson | Crime

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Mohawk Robbers Hitting Stores in Henderson

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Police are looking for a group of teenagers wanted for a rash of violent robberies at Henderson convenience stores. They're holding up the clerks with a handgun and a machete.

They're called the Mohawk Robbers because two of three teens involved have mohawks.

Surveillance video shows an early morning robbery last week at Henderson's America's Mart convenience store. The robber, wearing a black tank- top, shows the cashier a handgun. The other robber wearing a blue shirt holds a large knife that appears to be a machete.

The cashier backs away while the Mohawk Robbers clear out the cash register and even have time to clean the place out of cigarettes and other items. The cashier wasn't injured, but as his manager says he's shaken up.

"He was very worried and he took a couple nights off from work. He's good and going now, but he wants these guys caught really bad. Every time he's going to be looking over his shoulder now, thinking, 'Am I going to get robbed,'" said manager Danny Fico.

Nearby Family Mart convenience store was robbed last Friday. A Chevron gas station on St. Rose Parkway was also hit. Another Chevron down the street was saved by an alert cashier.

"They saw the guys with their hair and saw the mohawks and immediately they called the cops," said Fico.

Store cameras also caught the Mohawk Robbers scoping out the markets, buying energy drinks and checking out sunglasses. Managers say Henderson Police lifted the robber's fingerprints from the store counter.

"Nobody's been hurt yet, but it's bound to happen. Somebody does something wrong, reacts different, they're bound to get hurt. So it's better to get these guys caught as soon as possible," said Fico.

Store owners say they've been hearing the Mohawk Robbers began robbing stores in south Summerlin a few weeks ago.

Henderson Police declined comment on their investigation. They will not confirm that information or whether they've made any arrests.


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