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More Homeowners Opt to Do It Themselves | Business

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More Homeowners Opt to Do It Themselves

LAS VEGAS -- The do it yourself trend to home renovation is taking off and customers are saving hundreds in the process.

From landscaping to painting, Rebecca Smith is getting ready to tackle it all. She just bought a foreclosed home that needs a lot of work.

"A lot of cosmetic stuff that needed to be done. Leaking faucets, plumbing, the whole nine yards," she said.

Instead of hiring a professional, Smith says saving money is more of a priority. In an economy that forces people to watch every penny, the do it yourself trend is a necessity.

Home Depot supervisor Corwyn Frierson says the majority of their new customers are either fixing up a foreclosed home they just bought or are improving a home they're forced to stay in to make life a little more enjoyable.

"People doing most of the home repairs -- painting, flooring -- a lot of hardware purchases," he said. "We've blown our estimates away as far as painting and hardware and garden."

From the moment you walk in the door, you can see that Home Depot is catering to the do it yourself customer. From fertilizer to ceiling fans, everything you need is right up front. Customers says if you do it yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars.

"We spent close to $1,000 for the flooring and when we went and got it priced out, it would have cost us $4,000 to do it," said Smith.

And even though it takes time and energy, Smith calls it a fix to her morale. "A lot of people feel guilty if they go on a shopping spree and spend money on clothes, but this? This is adding value to your house and you feel good because you did something nice," she said.

Home Depot says another trend they're seeing is a huge spike in women customers. More and more women are taking on home projects all by themselves.

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