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COVID-19 Response Team update: Hospitalizations continue to increase, clinical vaccination trials underway |

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COVID-19 Response Team update: Hospitalizations continue to increase, clinical vaccination trials underway

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The State of Nevada COVID-19 Response team provided an update on the State’s comprehensive COVID-19 response as part of Governor Steve Sisolak’s Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery. As of July 8, Nevada continues to see a rise in hospitalizations.

Meeting Attendees:

  • Caleb Cage, State of Nevada COVID-19 Response Director
  • Julia Peek, Deputy Administrator, Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Community Health Services

In an effort to provide the latest testing data, it was announced that Dr. Mark W. Pandori, Director of Nevada State Public Health Laboratory and Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Reno, Nevada School of Medicine, will join these weekly COVID-19 media calls every Thursday, starting tomorrow, July 9.


As of today, Cage said Nevada has 24,301 COVID-19 cases. This is an increase of 516 new cases since yesterday with 472 cases in Clark County, 35 in Washoe County, 9 in the remainder of the state.

For the 7-day period ending on July 7, cases are growing at a rate 3.5% or 743 new cases per day.

Confirmed hospitalizations have had an overall increasing trend since May 31. Most hospitalizations are in Clark County. They are monitoring statistics is on a county by county basis and at the state level. The statewide hospital occupancy rate is averaging 76% capacity for all patients, 78% for ICU.

It was reported that 36% of ventilators are in use statewide, for all patients, not just COVID-19 patients.

Since the Governor’s June 26 declaration of the emergency, the Nevada Health Response team reports 86% of businesses in Northern Nevada, and 67% of businesses in Southern Nevada were in observation.

OSHA has conducted over 1,000 field observations of large and small businesses. As of July 6, it was reported that officials visited 169 locations and found 89% of businesses in compliance in Northern Nevada with only 79% in compliance in Southern Nevada.

Compliance rates by industry:

  • Convenience Store: 74%
  • Pharmacy: 82%
  • General retail: 87%
  • Restaurant: 93%
  • Automobile sales and maintenance: 100%

OSHA is conducting followup visits of locations where non-compliance was found during initial observations.

Nevada OSHA has received over 1,000 safety-related complaints since mid-March. Since the face-covering mandate went into effect, complaint volumes received by established hotline have increased significantly.


Peek said once a person believes they’ve had potential exposure to COVID-19, it is recommended to wait 5-7 days after that exposure before getting tested for a more accurate test result. She continued with an important reminder that people work with their healthcare provider to facilitate testing needs instead of waiting for large testing events.

Since the first reported case yesterday, they have identified 4,892 new COVID cases as a result of contact tracing, according to their data. This is over 20% of the total cases in the state.

Peek says they will be acknowledging researchers and clinicians in Nevada who are working on clinical trials to help in the fight against the virus, giving a CTA for submission of others who work in this area.

Today, Atoya Adams, M.D., M.B.A of AB Clinical Trials was recognized. She is looking for healthy patients for a vaccination study. You must be at least 18 years and never had COVID-19 to participate in this survey. If interested, you can call (702) 233 4700 or email abct@avclinicaltrial.com.

This concluded the Nevada COVID-19 Response Team update for July 8.

Nevada is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases in rural and urban communities. Practice the three W's so you can protect others and #StoptheSpread. Thanks @OregonGovBrown for the reminder.

*Wear a face covering
*Wash your hands
*Watch your distance pic.twitter.com/mt8dImnh8R

— @NVHealthResponse (@NVHealthRespon1) July 8, 2020

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