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School district not releasing numbers on daily absences for teachers, students |

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School district not releasing numbers on daily absences for teachers, students

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It's been two days since the Clark County School District’s five-day pause ended. Questions still remain if the days off made a difference. And how many teachers and students are out?

8 news now reached out to the district for those answers, but they tell us the counts are only released weekly.

Some parents are worried about the accuracy of the numbers and the impact of ongoing absences.

Following the five-day pause, teacher and student absence numbers districtwide will be available on a weekly basis as part of their COVID mitigation strategies.

They get daily data, and 8 News Now has asked for those numbers.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Monica Cortez says weekly reports are made available because there is not enough staff to filter out daily numbers.

"So we'll look at how is our staff employment looking like every day," Cortez said.

"What is our absenteeism, and then, is it something that is able to be corrected by additional central office going out into schools? Or is it something that we have to look at a different plan for instituting our instruction,” Cortez said.

Mom Jennaya Fernane questions the accuracy of the numbers.

She is still unable to reach the district on the COVID hotline or COVID form to report her daughter's absence.

"We kind of did our notifications on our own,” Fernane said. “She talked to the cheerleaders and the people she was more closely exposed to, just to make sure they knew. The good thing is that I think her school does a really good job of keeping them masked and keeping them pretty distant."

Derek Imig is a father of four. He says the number of absent teachers can be unpredictable. That impacts the kids in the long run.

"I've seen two letters from charter schools vehemently claiming they're going to do everything they can to keep our kids in school and they're not struggling with staffing,” Imig said.

“Clark County School District is another story. I've got a sophomore and I've got a freshman. Neither one of them have experienced a single day on campus on normal conditions in high school in the Clark County School District. So they don't know what to expect,” he said.

But they do hope we have reached the COVID case peak, and schools could return to a 'new normal.'

8 News Now has requested the weekly data, and we expect to receive and report the student and teacher absences for this week tomorrow.

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