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Video circulating social media shows teens killing baby duck with rock |

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Video circulating social media shows teens killing baby duck with rock

A violent video circulating on social media Friday shows three teens caught on camera killing what appears to be a baby duck. The teens used a rock during the violent act. WARNING: The video you're about to see is graphic.

The teens are believed to be students at Green Valley High in Henderson. It was another local student who reached out to 8 News NOW to show video of the incident.

Many students Channel 8 spoke with were outraged that anyone could even do something so horrific.

"I think the community needs to step up and get involved," said Linda Faso, a local animal rights activist.

According to Faso, something like this happens too often. She says we all have to work together to prevent animal abuse.

Faso works with organizations across the country to fight for the creatures who can't stand up for themselves.

"It's really the tip of the iceberg of what's happening with cruelty today," Faso said.

The incident with the baby duck is not Nevada's first cruelty case. Five years ago, two teenagers were sentenced to 30 days in detention for drowning a pair of kittens.

Two Cal Berkely law students came to Las Vegas and killed an exotic bird at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat later that same year.

And a few years later, five kids faced felony charges for mutilating three swans at Desert Shores.

In February 2018, three men were sentenced for the 2016 killing of a rare pup-fish in Pahrump.

According to Faso, severe consequences are necessary, and it's important that everyone plays a role in enforcing them.

"It's not okay. The law enforcement needs to be strict. the parents need to be involved and we just need to do what we can," Faso said.

So if you see something, say something.

"You can't condone any type of cruelty," Faso said. "It doesn't matter if it's against the elderly, animals, people."

In the meantime, Faso has a message for the suspects.

"Don't take it out on animals. What's wrong," she asked? Let's figure out why you're angry and let's deal with your anger."

Henderson Police are investigating the incident. Officers should have an update sometime next week.

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