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Henderson student arrests has some on edge |

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Henderson student arrests has some on edge

Henderson Police were at Green Valley High School Tuesday morning after a student was found on campus Monday with a loaded gun.

In a separate incident, another student was arrested for making violent threats against a different school in Henderson -- Foothill High School.

One student returning for the second day of school described the whole ordeal as a nightmare. He's just thankful staff members caught the student accused of bringing a loaded gun to Green Valley High and called police. The incident, kept under control and the student arrested.

"It was just crazy to hear about," said Logan Hampton, Green Valley High student. "I've never had to deal with anything like that no matter what school I've been to."

As students in Henderson adjust to a new school year, they're also coping with news about two unrelated potential school threats.

Hampton says his peers learned about police arresting a student - accused of bringing a loaded gun to Green Valley High - through social media.

It's unclear what the student intended to do with the gun.

"Oh, look some kid got caught with a gun this morning in class. I was like what the, really? No way and it was just like. It spread like nothing I've ever seen," Hampson said.

CCSD and Henderson Police kept watch as students returned to class Tuesday.

In an un-related incident on Sunday, an anonymous tip led to the arrest of a Foothill High School student accused of making threats of violence.

Hampton says, even though no one was hurt, the threat alone still hits close to home.

"Florida and Sandy Hook and Columbine, all these things and you think, oh it's never gonna happen here, until things like October 1 happened. And you know when it hits your hometown, you really, you really feel it."

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