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Driving You Crazy: No Turn Lane Near Eastern & Warm Springs | News

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Driving You Crazy: No Turn Lane Near Eastern & Warm Springs

LAS VEGAS - A business owner says the lack of a left-turn lane on Eastern Avenue near Warm Springs Road is making it difficult for drivers to access a nearby shopping center.

On southbound Eastern, a left-turn lane allows cars to turn into South Park Condos. Cars traveling on northbound Eastern, however, cannot turn left into the shopping center across the street, because a median is in the way. This forces u-turns and likely discourages cars from entering the shopping center.

The condo was actually built first, and the median prohibiting left turns was constructed by the developer of the shopping center who worked with the shopping center's owners.

The developer chose to build the median instead of aligning the shopping center entrance with the entrance to the condos across the street. If the developer would have aligned the two entrances, a left turn into the shopping center would have been possible.

With the offset of the two entrances, the median prevents a head-on left turn conflict between vehicles traveling in opposite directions. For this reason, the median will not be removed.

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