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Cannabis Center Institute Debuts in Las Vegas | News

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Cannabis Center Institute Debuts in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- The Cannabis Career Institute claims it can teach you how to legally start a dispensary, grow operation and delivery service. The lecture was held for the first time in Nevada on Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn in Henderson.

About 80 people packed into the meeting room which was twice the number than was expected.

One of the benefits of the class, according to the Cannabis Career Institute, is that attendees will learn how to be registered medical marijuana patients.

This comes after a Senate panel unanimously approved a bill earlier this week that could pave the way for medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada. Thirteen years ago Nevada voters approved the use of medical marijuana, but there has never been a legal way of getting it. The bill is still a long way from becoming law.

The CEO of the Cannabis Career Institute admits, at some point in the pot business venture, some laws will be broken.

"Unfortunately one of the conundrums of the marijuana industry is that marijuana is supposed to come from the state itself where the marijuana laws are," said Robert F. Calkin. "However, if there are no seeds, clones, or source materials within that state they will have to come from somewhere else."

If the bill becomes law, applicants would pay $5,000 to enter a lottery for one of the licenses. If selected, an applicant would pay a $20,000 start up fee and $5,000 to renew the license each year.

Supporters of the bill say proceeds would be used to regulate the program and the balance would go to education funding.

Despite potential changes in state laws, growing and using marijuana for any purpose is still illegal under federal law.


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