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Businesses See Surge with Rising Temperatures | News

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Businesses See Surge with Rising Temperatures

LAS VEGAS - Dangerously hot temperatures and an excessive heat warning are on tap for Las Vegas this week. While that's bad news for many people, some businesses welcome the warmer weather.

June, July and August are some of the busiest months for indoor shopping malls such as the Galleria at Sunset. Hotter temperatures mean more foot traffic and more money as people try to escape the heat.

People shop more as they prepare for summer vacations. Kids and teens who are out on summer break also flock to malls. Late summer brings back to school shoppers.

Galleria representative Heather Valera says they hold more events during the summer to entertain shoppers and keep them inside longer.

"We do walks with charities. We do a lot of back to school events. We have fashion shows, so there's something for everybody," Valera said.

While clothing stores make a lot of money during the summer, frozen yogurt and ice cream shops see huge boosts to their bottom line.

Yogurt Rocks representatives say they make most of their business during the summer months. They say they have to order twice as many supplies to make the yogurt as they do during the winter.

They say they've needed to hire more people, and the summer rush is just getting started. With kids out on summer break, they've seen the rush start to begin.

"Especially with kids getting out, I was really busy last night, and I didn't expect it," said Cassie Trotter with Yogurt Rocks. "It was a good thing though. It's good for our business, and it keeps me busy and makes time go by faster."

Southern Nevada is under a heat warning through Sunday.


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