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Driving You Crazy: Speed Limit on Sunridge Heights Parkway | News

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Driving You Crazy: Speed Limit on Sunridge Heights Parkway

HENDERSON, Nev. - A viewer says the speed limit on Sunridge Heights Parkway between Horizon Ridge Parkway and Eastern Avenue is too low. She also says there aren't enough posted speed limit signs.

The 35-mile-per-hour speed limit on Sunridge Heights is due to the vertical and horizontal road geometry. The road contains an elevation change and several curves. Spacing of driveways along those curves has also created visibility concerns. Additionally, undeveloped land with no street lights sits along a portion of this parkway, making the slower speed limit a necessity.

Transportation officials say once improvements are complete in the area, the city will re-examine this section of road to determine if the speed limit can be raised. That speed survey will happen.

As far as signage, seven speed limit signs sit along this stretch of road.

While Henderson officials consider that number of signs to be adequate, the city agreed to install two more speed limit signs near Carnegie Street. That should reduce confusion among drivers who do not know the speed limit or feel they are driving into a speed trap. The new signs will be installed in five to seven weeks.

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