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Henderson Businesses Worry about Zappos Move | News

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Henderson Businesses Worry about Zappos Move

LAS VEGAS -- While the online retailer Zappos's move to downtown can help revitalize that part of the Las Vegas valley, other areas are worried they will feel the opposite effect.

Some business owners in a shopping center near Zappos former location at the 215 beltway and Green Valley Parkway in Henderson say they get dozens of company employees every day, others say the employees account for a small percentage of their business.

Businesses in this shopping center like Popcorn Girl and Paw Prints have been relying on their loyal customers since opening up their doors during the recession.

"Figured if I could last through that, I'd be golden, when it started to turn around." Joan Burlini owner of Paw Prints Pet Supplies said.

However, Burlini hasn't felt golden yet. Now, her business and others have a new hurdle.

The neighboring Zappos is moving 1,500 employees across town to downtown Las Vegas beginning Monday. That is 1,500 potential customers: gone.

"I think it is a great thing that they're doing. I hope it helps downtown, but I hope it doesn't hurt us," Burlini said.

It shouldn't hurt, according to the mayor of City of Henderson. He says Zappos left on good terms with the city, and the city will embrace any company moving in to take its place.

"We're going to be very aggressive going after businesses because that is what it is all about in this down economy. You've heard it: jobs, jobs, jobs," Mayor Andy Hafen said.

When it comes to city revenue, the mayor says Henderson is safe. Because Zappos stayed in Nevada, sales tax from its business will continue to be shared among all of the counties.

He says employees aren't moving away either but commuting.

"I did it for years when I lived out here and worked for Metro and downtown. Matter of fact, I worked at the city hall where they're moving into," Hafen pointed out.

The small business owners hope he is right. They say they haven't seen a drop in clientele yet.


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