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Acts of Kindness: Levi Terry | News

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Acts of Kindness: Levi Terry
Jillian Moore

HENDERSON, Nev. - Levi Terry is quite an entrepreneur. At only eight years of age, he has already cornered the market in his Green Valley Ranch neighborhood with his de-cluttering service. He will admit this is a great way to set aside some money in his own savings account.

"I'm trying to earn money for a Kindle Fire HD," he said.

Packing up the loot on his Red Radio Flyer wagon serves a larger purpose, however, that has nothing to do with him and everything to do with Jillian Moore.

The adorable girl is fighting stage-four neuroblastoma cancer. Three-year-old Jillian has already been through several rounds of chemotherapy and faces several more, followed by work to harvest her stem cells.

Those are a lot of ‘adult words' to 8-year-old Levi. All he knows is she has a tough fight ahead of her.

"She needs money for the medical (treatment)," he said.

Learn How You Can Help Jillian's Treatment

Levi asked his mother Nicole Terry to help him brainstorm different ways he could help. "We drew a little pie chart, because we're working with fractions," she said.

Levi's first big money maker for Jillian Moore was a lemonade stand at a nearby park. Their gymnastics, dancing and singing that day brought out the goodness in people's hearts. Typically, lemonade stands aren't big money makers, but this one certainly was. Levi's lemonade stand brought in $740 for Moore's treatment.

"He's just that kid that is incredibly sweet and cares about other people," Nicole said.

8 News NOW is rewarding Levi Terry's efforts, awarding him $800 as part of its weekly series Acts of Kindness.

If you wish to nominate someone for Acts of Kindness, visit our website or e-mail us.


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