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Aunt Says Murder Suspect Had Violent Past | News

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Aunt Says Murder Suspect Had Violent Past

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Henderson Police say the 16-year-old boy missing since his mother and younger brother were found dead Friday, is now considered a suspect in the murders.

According to police, a warrant was filed Monday charging Adrian Navarro-Canales as an adult with two counts of murder in the stabbing death of his mother, Elvira Canales-Gomez, 40, and his brother, Cesar Navarro, 9.

In the affidavit for an arrest warrant, the Clark County Coroner's Office estimated the victims were killed Tuesday evening in their apartment on Eastern Avenue near Sunridge Heights Parkway. Their bodies were not found until Friday after Canales-Gomez's sister and her boyfriend called to report that they could not get a hold of them.

The suspect's aunt told police that he had been violent with his mother in the past. She also said he had pushed and punched her.

Navarro-Canales was supposed to be in school at Coronado High School, but hasn't attended since November 2012. According to his aunt, he had didn't have any friends in the area and had wanted to go back to Mexico.

This past Monday, the family threw a small party for Adrian's 16th birthday at their apartment.

On Tuesday, Adrian's mom spoke to her boyfriend for the final time on the phone and by Wednesday, 9-year-old Cesar wasn't in school and Elvira didn't make it to work.

Adrian would send a Spanish text message to his mom's boyfriend apologizing for not getting back to him sooner. He said everything was fine that was the last communication anyone had with Adrian.

Police also said there is evidence that Navarro-Canales had been in the apartment with the bodies of his mother and brother, before he disappeared.

At first, police thought he might have been a victim, but the investigation found he was a suspect in the murders.

"Detectives initially thought that the 16-year-old could be a victim of some sort," Henderson Police' Keith Paul said. "During the course of the investigation he went from being someone who was missing to now someone who is considered a suspect."

Police believe Adrian killed his mom and brother on Tuesday and kept living at the apartment, but the question of why still remains a mystery and investigators said there's likely only one person that knows the answer.

Anyone who knows where he is, is asked to call 911 immediately.

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