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NV Energy Loses Court Battle to Build New Power Lines

HENDERSON, Nev -- A judge has ruled against NV Energy's plan to build new power lines near a Henderson neighborhood.

"I think the residents and the City of Henderson have proven that if you stand by what's right and what the law is, you can prevail, so we're very excited," said Joel Kaplan, a resident.

The city of Henderson backed the upset residents and shut down the plan two times but NV Energy took the case to court saying this is the most cost-effective way to upgrade the six miles of lines.

"We recognize that anything that we would do would have an impact on some neighbors, but we try to take a look at the entire community." said David Rogdon, NV Energy Government Affairs.

NV Energy says changing the route of the power lines will increase costs that will likely be reflected in future power bills.

I-Team: Residents Fight to Keep Power Lines Out

HENDERSON, Nev. -- As the summer unofficially gets underway this weekend, there is a buzz in backyards all across the Las Vegas valley. But in Henderson, some residents are worried about the buzz of giant new power lines that may be going up right next to their porches.

City leaders shut down NV Energy twice, and the power company is taking on Henderson in court in order to get it done. But the company says the cheapest way for everybody is to just replace existing lines with new, giant poles.

Right now, they are just an eyesore, but residents say anything more would just be unacceptable.

"We're going to drive trucks through the middle of this for a year and a half. It's insane," said neighbor Joel Kaplan.

Mohawk Robbers Hitting Stores in Henderson

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Police are looking for a group of teenagers wanted for a rash of violent robberies at Henderson convenience stores. They're holding up the clerks with a handgun and a machete.

They're called the Mohawk Robbers because two of three teens involved have mohawks.

Surveillance video shows an early morning robbery last week at Henderson's America's Mart convenience store. The robber, wearing a black tank- top, shows the cashier a handgun. The other robber wearing a blue shirt holds a large knife that appears to be a machete.

The cashier backs away while the Mohawk Robbers clear out the cash register and even have time to clean the place out of cigarettes and other items. The cashier wasn't injured, but as his manager says he's shaken up.

Henderson Pavilion Facing Weeks of Repairs

HENDERSON -- Strong winds have moved through valley several times this spring season. The most recent wind storm caused so much damage to one structure, it will take months to repair.

The Pavilion in Henderson proved no match for Mother Nature. The canopy suffered a hole roughly a third of the size of the entire structure.

The Pavilion located at Green Valley Parkway and Paseo Verde is often considered one of the best places to watch a concert. But, this summer, it will be out of commission until the hole can be repaired.

"I pulled up on the outside and my heart kind of dropped. It was shocking. The structure was built to withstand hurricane force winds," said Molly Murphy, Henderson Symphony Orchestra.

The wind tore the canopy like it was a piece of paper.

Henderson Chocolate Business Laying off 25 Employees

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A company official says 25 jobs are melting away from the Ethel M and M&M'S World chocolate businesses in Henderson.

Mars Inc. spokeswoman Alice Nathanson said Thursday that about 10 Mars Retail Group employees will relocate to New Jersey, and another 15 Henderson jobs will be eliminated by July. Employees were told of the reorganization in February.

Nathanson says the Henderson factory will keep making Mars chocolate products and maintain its cactus garden. Eight Ethel M retail gourmet chocolate stores in and around Las Vegas will continue to operate, and the Ethel M management team will remain. The companies are part of privately held Mars Inc., of McLean, Va.

The company makes M&M'S candy, Snickers and Milky Way candy bars, Wrigley gum, plus rice, pet food and other products.

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Family of Dead Student Wants Safety Addressed

HENDERSON -- Parents, students and school board officials met Thursday to talk about how to keep kids safe going to and from school.

The meeting comes after 13-year-old Nathaniel Miller was hit and killed while riding his bike to Brown Middle School in Henderson last month. His family wants to make sure other parents don't suffer they same loss they did. They want safety upgrades put in place, including a street light in the area where Nathaniel was hit.

The family has also created a website to track and update people on what they have been doing to help increase safety.


Despite Criticism, Analysts Say Las Vegas Will Recover

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas continues to be portrayed as the poster child for the recession. Some financial experts say things have gotten so bad, we will never recover. But local economists say that's not true, but it will take time.

A report by 24/7 Wall Street named 13 cities in the U.S. that will never recover because of the housing market and unemployment rate. Las Vegas was one of them. 

Ironically, the report came out at the same time the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's new president takes the reigns. He's a man with experience in economic recovery.

The doom and gloom in Las Vegas is slowly starting to lift. Tourism has increased 1.5-percent this year and Jeremy Aguero with Applied Analysis says homes are selling.

"A year and a half ago there were almost 30,000 housing units for sale. Today, that number is roughly 10,000," he said.