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Budget Deadline Nears for Clark County School District | News

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Budget Deadline Nears for Clark County School District

LAS VEGAS -- Some big changes are expected for the Clark County School District in the coming months. School board members meet Wednesday to adopt a tentative budget designed to cut $123 million.

One of the proposals -- eliminating year round schools -- would save $18 million. Already school board members have agreed to change 21 schools from a year-round schedule to a nine-month schedule.

"I think it'll give them a chance to save money," said Shaunrice Hill, a former student.

Even with that change, there are still 55 schools operating 12 months a year. Some parents want that to change.

"I have older kids who are in a traditional nine month school, so we're able to take our vacations the same if we are all on a nine month school," said Delilah Ascencion, parent.

Board member Chris Garvey wants the district to reconsider moving all of the schools off of a year-round schedule to achieve the full savings. District officials say doing that could hurt year-round employees who would lose work days.

Another cost saving proposal calls for cutting administrative positions and implementing furloughs across the board. The Clark County Education Association which represents teachers is ready to go into arbitration to work out a deal.

"Everything's being looked at again. Our main purpose and objective is to save everyone's jobs whether it's your first day on the job or your 40th year on the job," said Dane Watson, CCEA.

School board President Terri Janison says they are looking at possibly cutting 120 administrative positions by shifting the majority of those employees into classroom jobs.

In addition, 540 elementary teachers may be shuffled around because first, second and third grade classes could increase in size reducing the overall number of classes district wide.

The school board meeting will be at 2 p.m. on Wednesday at Chaparral High School. A large turnout is expected, including representatives from the four unions representing teachers and school district staff.

The final budget must be adopted by May 19th.



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