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Census Workers Hit the Streets | News

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Census Workers Hit the Streets

LAS VEGAS -- If you didn't mail in your census form, you can soon expect someone to show up at your door. Nearly 5,000 census workers are sweeping through Nevada's streets to make sure you are counted.

It only takes take a few minutes to fill out, but each form has an huge impact on Nevada's future.

Only 69-percent in the state have reported so far, and now comes the tough task of counting the rest.

Workers statewide are doing what they can to count each resident. Ten simple questions could have serious impact on healthcare, education, roads and transportation.

"Our state is in desperate need of additional federal funding and this is going to help reallocate close to $400 billion worth of federal funds to our state and to our local communities," said Henderson census office manager Nic Kirmse.

But that doesn't mean you open your door to just anyone. Look at what they're carrying to make sure they're legit.

Census worker Rhonda moved to Las Vegas a year ago to look for work and has been unemployed until she got a call from the bureau. Her co-workers come from similar situations.

"The majority are unemployed, just like my situation, so we're very thankful to get this work. We're going to do our best doing it and getting our 40 hours in," she said.

It may seem like an inconvenience at the time, but a few minutes means a better future for all Nevada residents.

Aside from safety, confidentiality is a top priority for the census workers. They all take an oath to never repeat information shared with them and if they do, they face five years in jail and a quarter million dollar fine.


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