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Copper Thieves Target Henderson Parks | News

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Copper Thieves Target Henderson Parks

Local parks are the latest target of copper thieves. In Henderson, several parks have been left in the dark recently by thieves ripping out copper wire from the electrical valve boxes. It has forced some children's sporting teams to reschedule their practices and games.

Crews from the city of Henderson are doing what they can to keep this from happening again. Park officials are using huge boulders to keep copper thieves from getting into the boxes.

"Two weeks and there was nothing left," said Doug Guild, who is with the city of Henderson, as he describes how the parks are repeatedly targeted.

"We're coming back and placing large boulders on top of the electrical valve boxes. It's a deterrent to put out the fire, because we've had so many problems in the last three weeks," said Guild.

In some cases, the rocks weigh as much as three tons. Guild explains how the city got the idea.

"One of the guys, one of our electricians came up with it out of the blue at one of the meetings," Guild said.

Dealing with the copper theft has been expensive for the city. In the past three weeks, they have spent $15,000 at nine different sites to do repairs.

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