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Low Cost Plan Allows Business to Stay Afloat | News

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Low Cost Plan Allows Business to Stay Afloat

LAS VEGAS -- While hundreds of stores around southern Nevada have closed down during the economic meltdown, there is one small business that has weathered the storm. The owner say they've managed to stay open because of some smart business strategies and a really good product.

They are the owners of Levity Gourmet Marshmallows, and neither of them have a business degree. Nor do any of them own any books on how to run a shop. And anyone opening a business these days could learn a thing or two from them.

Almost every store in their Henderson shopping mall is closed down.

"The idea of selling gourmet marshmallows is definitely something unique and probably not what either of us would have anticipated as a life path," said shop owner Elisabeth Papadopoulos

Owners Elisabeth Papadopoulos and Nathan Hollrith use their affection for confection to create this sweet treat.

"In the marshmallow world, I'd like to be the marshmallow king," said Hollrith.

From peppermint to gingerbread, eggnog to s'mores, you'll find it here in this modest shop. But what is it that keeps Papadopoulos and Hollrith's shop afloat when all their neighbors have folded?

"We don't have that many expenses. It's just the two of us here. We don't have any employees," said Papadopoulos.

And they don't need any. Papadopoulos says they do all the cooking and conduct all their business online. Even the pictures and website were done by them.

"We do everything ourselves, from photographs to publicity shots to web design to handcrafting every single marshmallow," she said.

Hollrith says they've even saved money on advertising.

"We do all our advertising ourselves. It's really viral based. We started with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, we even made a video for YouTube," he said.

Everything in this store is handmade -- from the marshmallows, to the drapes all the way down to business cards. It's a cost effective strategy, that seems to be working. And they even shopped for the cheapest rent.

"It's really good. We've been able to get quite and affordable rent package which we've been grateful for," said Papadopoulos.

Hollrith and Papadopoulos have never run a shop before, but it's their strategy that has business here running so sweet.

Both of them say they get hundreds hits to their website a day, and they've even shipped to Afghanistan.


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