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Report Rebukes Hospital Over Botched Hostage Drill | News

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Report Rebukes Hospital Over Botched Hostage Drill

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A planned armed hostage drill at a local hospital went wrong and now several employees are in serious trouble. A report by the Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance was released offering insight to what went wrong at St. Rose Hospital's Siena campus.

According to the report, at about 10 a.m. on May 24th, an off-duty Las Vegas Metro police officer entered the ICU with a real, but unloaded gun.

The report states certain workers acknowledged other employees failed to advise some managers and supervisors about the drill. Those workers also say all drills are supposed to be announced in an overhead page before they happen.

As a result, some the staff thought there was a real armed hostage situation. Confusion was rampant until the drill was canceled a short time later. However, the report indicates some staff members were in panic mode.

The report also says several nurses and doctors were detained in a break room for about 15 minutes because of the drill and were unable to perform their patient care duties.

The report states based on observation, interview and document review, the facility failed to carry out a comprehensive plan for emergency preparedness by failing to have a policy or procedure in place.

A statement from the hospital was released apologizing for any distress the drill may have caused for those present. The statement also says they launched an investigation immediately following the drill.

A plan of corrective action had been developed and their findings indicate there were no delays in treatment, testing or adverse patient outcomes as a result of the drill.

According to the report, one employee lost their job over the incident and a few others were placed on suspension.


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