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Unions, District Debate Layoffs and Budget Cuts | News

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Unions, District Debate Layoffs and Budget Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- Unions and the Clark County School District remain gridlocked on layoffs and budget cuts. All four unions met with school district leaders and still came to no solution, even though a new, revised budget is due in three weeks.

Stephen Augspurger, head of the Clark County Association of School Administrators, says he came in optimistic with a plan of how to keep jobs and cut salaries as little as possible. But after the meeting was over, he was frustrated with the district for giving them wrong revenue numbers. 

Now they have to start over while the clock is ticking.

"The concern we still have is there's not a sense of urgency on the part of the district to get this resolved. We've got families and employees who are losing income and jobs and no one wants to be in that predicament for any longer than is necessary and the longer it goes, the worse people are gonna feel," he said.

In the surprise meeting, officials from the teachers union, the school administrators union, support and school police unions planned to talk about a proposal that would cut salaries by 1.5-percent across the board.

Instead, district finance officials gave them new revenue and property tax numbers, which means they'll have to modify that proposal they came in with.

Augspurger says he's frustrated because Superintendent Walt Rulffes was not at the meeting and thinks someone needs to step up and finish this budget.

The teachers union is still pursuing arbitration because they do not want pay cuts or layoffs.

The group is going to meet again with district officials on Thursday and then try to reconcile that $145 million budget shortfall by May 15, 2010.


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