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Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada Helps Bella | Charity

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Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada Helps Bella
Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada Helps Bella

Bella, 6, came into our lives as a foster dog on the day after Christmas 2009 but even on the short ride from the hospital to our home, I already knew she would be staying with us. Her physical condition on that day was just pitiful, but not her spirit.

She weighed a mere 44 pounds, her hindquarters were shaved, her urine burned and she had more than 50 staples in her belly. Yet the first emotion she showed us as total strangers was pure joy. It was so hard to keep her quiet, as her discharge instructions demanded, because she was so eager to enjoy her new life. Whatever happened to her in the past was not something on which she was interested in dwelling.

Bella was born with the deck stacked against her: a congenital defect which caused her to constantly leak urine - not a really attractive quality in a pet. She also had the misfortune of having unkind and greedy owners who thoughtlessly bred her, then cast her aside when they moved.

When the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada took her in, she was given her first real break. The Rescue arranged and paid for a very expensive bilateral ectopic ureter surgery which should have solved the incontinence issue. Bella recovered from the surgery with flying colors but the incontinence issue persists. Doctors at Town Center Animal Hospital and Sun City Animal Hospital have both been diligent in their efforts to improve her incontinence with various medical combinations but none have worked.

Bella just needs one more lucky break. There is a doctor in San Diego who is familiar with a new surgery called the urethral cuff which could put an end to Bella's incontinence. Bella has such an incredible spirit: she spreads love to everyone she meets, she asks for little but gives so much and she deserves a chance at a normal life. AAre

"Our hope is that we can correct her incontinence by placing a urethral cuff close to the bladder," said Dr. Sheri Ross. "This device can then be filled with saline and 'inflated' to a pressure that will occlude the urethra and prevent leaking. There is always the potential for complications, but I think that this is Bella's best hope for a drier life. The estimated cost for surgery and testing will probably be $3,500-$4,000."

Bella will need a laser procedure prior to the urethral cuff. The Rescue can use any assistance you can provide to offset the cost of Bella's medical procedures.

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