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First-Grader has Best Mojave Max Guess | Education & Schools

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First-Grader has Best Mojave Max Guess
First-Grader has Best Mojave Max Guess

A first-grader from Nate Mack Elementary School has earned a pizza party for his class and a laptop computer for himself.

Quinton Larry made the best guess of when desert tortoise Mojave Max would emerge from his burrow. The tortoise crawled out at 12:41 p.m. April 17. Quinton guessed he would come out at 12:30 p.m. April 17. That was the closest guess out of the 3,800 students who entered the 13th annual Mojave Max Emergence Contest. The young man found out about his winning guess Thursday.

Quinton and his entire class will get a field trip to the Mojave Max habitat, a pizza party, medals and T-shirts. Quinton will get an outdoor adventure backpack, a digital camera, a year-long pass to federally managed areas and a laptop computer. The winner’s teacher will also get a new laptop computer. They will receive their rewards May 10.

April 17 is one of the latest dates on record that Mojave Max has emerged from his burrow. The tortoise retreats to his burrow in the winter and emerges in the spring. The warmer temperatures and longer days trigger the animal’s internal clock, waking him up.

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