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Liberty Principal Promoted to CCSD Academic Manager | Education & Schools

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Liberty Principal Promoted to CCSD Academic Manager
Liberty Principal Promoted to CCSD Academic Manager

By Brittney Loiselle, Editor-in-Chief, Liberty Tribune

Liberty has made numerous changes under Principal Jeff Geihs’ direction, but with the approaching 2012-2013 school year, Geihs has decided to help multiple turnaround schools through his promotion to Academic Manager in the Clark County School District.

Geihs’ new role as Academic Manager will include collaborative work along with 12 principals at all school levels: five high schools, one middle school and six elementary schools. His purpose will be to help these poor performing schools and to provide initiatives to their students that will evoke achievement.

“[CCSD] wants to turn [these schools] around and help them get better,” Geihs said. “I’m going to supervise those schools next year.”

This promotion entails an exceptional amount of work: leading multiple schools while knowing all of the details about them, discovering and creating academically beneficial programs, discussing the implications of these platforms and driving students to succeed.

However, Geihs feels his new position will not be much different than his current involvement with Liberty’s students and administration.

“It’s easy to see where Geihs has improved our school. His presence was well-known on campus and he enacted great programs,” senior Alyssa Laiacona said. “To know he will be helping other schools across the valley sounds like the perfect fit for him.”

Research, data collection and introducing programs will become major objectives under this new management title. With his education and previous role as a principal from a high-achieving high school, Geihs was a perfect candidate for Academic Manager.

Along with Geihs’ departure from Liberty, a new principal will be introduced. Geihs assures the Liberty family that the successful programs he put in place this year and the changes he planned to make next year will continue.

“In his time at Liberty High School, Dr. Geihs was an outstanding educational leader and advocate for our students,” Communications Director Joshua Wikler said.  “His leadership will be missed but everyone at Liberty is so happy that he has been given the opportunity to impact more students in his new role as Academic Manager.”

Pedro Martinez, Deputy Superintendent of CCSD, agreed that all of Geihs’ effective programs will transition into the 2012-2013 school year. There should not be any major changes taking place at Liberty that Geihs has not already planned when the new principal is hired.

"We already have some big changes in place for next year - block schedule, teaming of the ninth and tenth grade, continuing the Zero Tolerance for Zeroes program, the increase in Advanced Placement testing and Wikler as our Communications Director,” Geihs said.

According to Geihs, the decisions he makes must be of concern to the students, especially as a principal. Asking “is that in the best interest of the kids” can make or break his judgment.

Under his new position, Geihs will be obligated to ask himself the same regarding every decision he makes with the money provided by a federal grant to improve these turnaround schools.

After consideraion of his family, lifestyle and the opportunity this promotion would afford him, Geihs’ acceptance of the promotion took place on June 4. He first informed to Liberty’s staff and then was acknowledged by the district in a memo from Martinez.

“Schools in the Turnaround Zone are in need of academic improvement,” Martinez stated in the memo.  “Dr. Geihs’ leadership and experience will help us advance our reforms toward increased student achievement and ensure that our Turnaround Schools are supported.”

Geihs said he loves what he does now as the principal at Liberty, but knows that the next eight to 12 years before his retirement will be essential.

“I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with principals collaboratively in an effort to help some of the neediest children in the school district,” Geihs said.

There is data behind the programs instilled at Liberty that proves their ability to improve the school. Essentially, Geihs will be creating similar programs at the turnaround schools that will mend their educational shortcomings just as programs have done for Liberty.

“We have got good families that are teaching our kids right from wrong, [and we have] good teachers and good kids,” Geihs said of Liberty High School. “We have really been able to focus on the best instructional practices and good programs for kids. I love what I am doing now [as principal] and I love Liberty.”

A statement will be released in the near future regarding Liberty’s new principal for the 2012-2013 school year.

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