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Liberty High School Leads CCSD in Open Enrollment | Education & Schools

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Liberty High School Leads CCSD in Open Enrollment
Liberty High School Leads CCSD in Open Enrollment


By Brendan Becker, Liberty High School

The Clark County School District’s Open Enrollment program, which allows students to go to any school as long as there are available seats, brought 126 new students to Liberty High School for the 2012-2013 school year.

The 126 open enrollment requests were top among high schools in CCSD. Liberty has led the district in requests both years the program has been offered.

“The state of Nevada was the one who was pushing for the school of your choice option and this was CCSD’s way of saying that they do have that option,” Assistant Principal Chris Hermes said.

The capacity for most high schools is 2,500, and open enrollment is only open for schools that have less than 2,500 students attending. The current number of students attending Liberty is 2,100, which is under capacity.

There were 400 seats available at Liberty during the open enrollment period, which ended in early January. If by chance Liberty or any high school has more interest than seats available, then a lottery would occur.

Open enrollment also allows overcrowded schools to level down. For example, a school like Coronado has more than 2,500 students attending; if their students choose to go to Liberty or any other school of their choice, then Coronado can level down.

With open enrollment, zone does not interfere if a student wants to go to a school of their choice that is out of the a student’s zoned area.

“In theory, a student that lives way up in North Las Vegas or in the east or west side of town can go to Liberty if they wanted to, without zone variance being in the way,” Hermes said.

One downside to the program is that transportation is not provided. If a student is accepted for open enrollment to another school, he or she must find transportation.

Last year, senior Eli Brown was one of the students attracted to Liberty because of open enrollment due to her involvement in softball.

“It was stressful at first because I didn’t know what to do; either I stay at my school or go to Liberty. I had to make up my mind last January and I decided to go to Liberty,” Brown said.

With more students attending Liberty, the school is exhibiting a more open and reputable image.

“It’s absolutely a great thing that students want to come here because we’re a school that cares about test scores and how the students are doing, and also we’ve got a low suspension and expulsion rate,” Hermes said.

With 126 more students next year, the Liberty family continues to grow.

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