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Cool at School: Thurman White students headed to Carnegie Hall | News

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Cool at School: Thurman White students headed to Carnegie Hall

LAS VEGAS -- A local middle school band and orchestra is hard at work preparing to perform at Carnegie Hall which is one of the most famous stages in the world.

"It makes me practice more, honestly," said Alexa Munoz, who plays the violin.

Thurman White Middle School musicians will fly to New York to take stage in the famous concert hall.

"Not many people in this world get to play there, and  get to say that I've played in Carnegie Hall, and I'm only in 8th grade," said Sadie Arnold, who plays vibes and percussion.

For these kids, playing music together is not just practice, it's a passion.

"It's kind of like a rush of energy, you're just excited and happy," Arnold said.

"The cool thing about music is it's different for each person. One person it might be the one thing they latch onto everyday, for another, they just love being creative, and another person it's just the camaraderie they feel," said Will Daines, band director.

"I like the experience of playing with all my friends," said drummer Braden Fleisher.

So what song does the jazz band like playing most?

"I like 25 or 6 to 4," said trombone player Kade Robinson.

"My favorite song is also 25 or 6 to 4," Arnold said.

And it's easy to hear why.

Across the hall, the orchestra, is also getting ready for the trip with more skilled students

"I like a lot of classical music," said Carson Martinez, a cello player. "I like Bach, because he has a lot of cello."

"I'm trying to communicate an idea, whether it's an emotion, or really kind of painting a scene with that baton or stick," said Kerry Bennett, the orchestra director.

The benefits of jazz and symphonic band, as well as orchestra, are pivotal for young students," Bennett said. "There are so many studies out about the many ways that music influences the child for the better. They've done brain studies that when you're playing your instrument your whole brain lights up."

Now it's off to Carnegie Hall and that's what's cool at school.


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