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Henderson home burglary caught on camera | News

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Henderson home burglary caught on camera

HENDERSON, Nev. -- High-tech security and a guard gated entry weren't enough to stop a pricey heist in the upscale MacDonald Ranch community. A pair of burglars made off with $75,000 in jewelry and other items, including a loaded hand gun.

And it was all caught on camera.

Stephanie Shirit, the burglary victim, lives in a neighborhood near Stephanie Street and the 215. She's concerned the burglary may be an inside job.

"Absolutely disgusted, beyond disgusted," Shirit said.

Her elaborate security system caught the crime on camera. It occurred around 6:30 Friday night. The video shows two males, in their late teens or early 20's, prowling around her home. They use a pry bar to remove her outside door from the hinges.

Once inside, they made quick work of her jewelry and snatched whatever they could grab.

"We have verified audible and cameras in my home that she was actually seeing and hearing the intruder in my home, walking around my home," Shirit said.

She was in California when the burglars hit. Her security company called her to let her know what was happening and that police were on the way. The security company was watching everything on remote cameras accessible through the Internet.

Shirit even tried calling the guard gate get help, but the burglars ended up getting away.

"I think that possibly the guard that was on duty that evening, that was very uncooperative and unresponsive, think he's possibly involved. That's an option," she said.

The president of the homeowners association says security guards aren't supposed to respond to felony crime calls. They're instructed to alert the police if something is happening.

Anyone visiting MacDonald Ranch must stop at the guarded gate and leave information, including their license plate number. That leads Shirit to believe the suspects could live in the community. After all, it's happened before.

"If you're in here, and you live here and you're behind the gates, you're children or anybody relevant to you can be on the inside job," Shirit said.

The HOA president said, three years ago, a suspect was caught stealing from homes and he lived inside MacDonald Ranch. Shirit added, there have been two other MacDonald Ranch burglaries since Friday, but police don't have any reports for those incidents.


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