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Teen's suicide leaves unanswered questions | News

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Teen's suicide leaves unanswered questions
Coronado High School

HENDERSON, Nev. -- How does a parent spot the warning signs their child could be in danger of suicide? It's a question some families are asking after the suicide of a local teenager.

The 14-year-old girl, Megan Buckley, was a student at Coronado High School. Her body was discovered on the football field over the weekend.

The Clark County School District's crisis team is stepping in to help students who may be traumatized by the teen's death.

Buckley appeared involved in her school. 8 News NOW read Buckley's blog before it was made private Tuesday morning.  

On her blog, she referred to herself as an avid soccer player, straight A student, writer and artist. She also talked about how proud she was of her girlfriend.

But among those online posts, there were other ones that indicated she was hurting.

As recent as January, she talked about feeling hated by most people at one point in her life, feeling paranoid when friends didn't text back and feeling sad when she had no new social media notifications.

"A cry for help means something from a kid," said Rosemary Virtuoso, CCSD's Department of Student Threat Evaluation & Crisis Response.

Virtuoso is with the district's crisis response team. Along with a team of nine other licensed counselors and psychiatrists, she goes into schools after a student has died.

She calls student suicide a community-wide problem.

"When a student is really suffering from being, feeling like they don't belong to a group and don't want to a group, then we do definitely have some issues," Virtuoso said.

Her work as a counselor also helps parents spot the signs a child could be in trouble

"If you see some oddities that you see are repetitive, and they don't diminish, or they get worse, then we worry," she said.

This includes extreme isolation, not eating or sleeping enough or too much, also extreme depression.

"Whenever a kid is talking about things that don't feel right, that don't fit the family culture, then you have to investigate," Virtuoso said.

Students continue to grieve Buckley's death and are planning a vigil to remember her life on Wednesday night at the school.

Megan Buckley

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