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HOA Bill Targets Collection of Past Dues

LAS VEGAS -- A new bill aims to change the law for homeowner's associations, protecting board members and capping how much collections agencies can charge.

HOA's are non-profit boards made up of volunteers, and the only way they bring in money is from homeowner dues. But with so many people choosing foreclosure, HOA's are losing money.

The Senate Bill would ensure that HOA's get paid dues they are owed when a home or foreclosure is sold.

Most of the 42-page bill is the existing law that regulates HOA's. In testimony at the bill's introduction, supporters spoke along with opponents complaining about their HOA experience.

IRS offers Free File for People with an Income Under $58,000!

IRS offers Free File for People with an Income Under $58,000!

Up to 70% of Taxpayers are eligible to use Free File this year, an online Tax Service from the IRS. If one's adjusted gross income was less than $58,000, that person can use FreeFile through the IRS's website to prepare and file taxes electronically, for free! If people opt to set up their returns electronically with e-file, refunds will be electronically deposited within 10 business days. More information about Free File is available at www.freefile.irs.gov.

2 Facing Charges in Marijuana Dispensary Bust

LAS VEGAS -- Two people are facing drug charges after Metro police raided an alleged marijuana dispensary.

Daniel Afari, who owned or leased the three properties that were targeted, is charged with 12 counts including possession of marijuana and intent to sell as well as possession of cocaine. Christina Rand is facing two counts for possession of marijuana and intent to sell as well as conspiracy to violate the Uniform Control Substance Act.

Police say they seized highly potent marijuana worth $100,000. The raids involved Premium Remedy's near Pebble Rd. and Maryland Pkwy. and Afari's home and condominium.

Police Raid Marijuana Dispensary

LAS VEGAS -- Forty pounds of highly potent and quality grade marijuana are off the streets. The total estimated value of the marijuana seized on Thursday is $100,000.

At a home near Serene Avenue and Pollock Drive, investigators seized sophisticated materials allegedly used to grow the pot. Neighbors heard the raid as it went down.

"I couldn't figure out what direction the noise was coming from," said neighbor Jessica Loos. "It's almost like the tailgate of a truck slamming down, but amplify that by like 10 or a hundred times."

A few miles away, police also raided the dispensary where the product was allegedly sold. Metro says the business - Premium Remedy's near Pebble Road and Maryland Parkway - operated as an illegal storefront.

Missing Las Vegas Man Found Dead

LAS VEGAS -- The family of a missing Las Vegas man says he has been found dead.

Michael Angelo, Jr. was last seen on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. in the area of Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch.

According to a family spokesman, Angelo was found deceased on Friday. Police say he was found early Friday evening in the desert area near Jean. His body was found near his truck. According to the family, he sustained a self-inflicted wound.

The family was planning a search Saturday in the area he was last seen.

Father of Missing Man Dies Suddenly

SALT LAKE CITY -- The father of a man who went missing in the Henderson, Nevada area died suddenly Thursday. Rolf Koecher died after being taken to a Salt Lake area hospital. He was 61.

Koecher was the editor for the Davis County Clipper newspaper and bishop of his LDS ward.

Koecher spent the last year of his life looking for his son, Steven Koecher, who went missing in the Sun City Anthem area of Henderson. Steven Koecher was last seen on Sunday, December 13, 2009 walking away from his car in the sleepy age-restricted neighborhood. He lived in St. George, Utah and no one has been able to explain why he was in Las Vegas.

Rolf Koecher visited Las Vegas several times over the past year to look for his son. In April of 2010, the family searched for Steven a desert area south of the Henderson Executive Airport on a tip provided by a private investigator. Later that year, the family boarded Las Vegas area buses looking for Steven.

Friends and Family to Hold Search for Missing Las Vegas Man

LAS VEGAS -- Friends and family of a Las Vegas man missing for nearly a week are planning a weekend search for him.

Michael Angelo, Jr. was last seen on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. in the area of Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch. He was last wearing a dark blue, short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.

Angelo was driving a 2006 White Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab pick-up truck with Nevada license plate 138-TNP. The truck has lights on top and a sunroof. There is a 4x4 logo on the back and a black cover over the bed of the truck.

Searchers are going to meet and hand out flyers at 11 a.m. on Saturday at Smith's supermarket at 9750 S. Maryland Parkway.