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AARP Hosts Job Fair at Green Valley Ranch

As Baby Boomers prepare to retire, the rest of the country is facing an expected labor shortage in the coming years. Here in Southern Nevada, that shortage is already being felt, especially in key areas like nursing, teaching, and government services.

Local employers are now teaming up with the AARP to entice older, experienced workers to consider a second career: more than a quarter million retirees make their homes in Las Vegas. 

As we discovered at one local job fair Wednesday -- many of these retirees are healthy, active and bored -- and more than willing to jump back into the workforce -- if presented with the right opportunity.

I-Team: Parents Plan Lawsuit over Green Valley High School Plays

A group of Las Vegas valley parents intend to take legal action to keep two theatrical productions off the Green Valley High School stage. The parents insist the school renditions of Rent and the Laramie Project are too adult and their inclusion violates school district policy.

The Green Valley High School theatre department has chosen controversy, compassion and courage as the theme for this year's season, listing the school editions of Rent and the Laramie Project among its eight productions. Both contain mature content, but the dispute is whether that content is suitable for high school students.

Under the guidance of theatre teacher Jennifer Hemme, the GVHS cast of Rent, the School Edition, engages in character for the first time. The students seem unconcerned with the drama unfolding off stage that may ultimately threaten their performance.

Copper Thieves Target Henderson Parks

Local parks are the latest target of copper thieves. In Henderson, several parks have been left in the dark recently by thieves ripping out copper wire from the electrical valve boxes. It has forced some children's sporting teams to reschedule their practices and games.

Crews from the city of Henderson are doing what they can to keep this from happening again. Park officials are using huge boulders to keep copper thieves from getting into the boxes.

"Two weeks and there was nothing left," said Doug Guild, who is with the city of Henderson, as he describes how the parks are repeatedly targeted.

"We're coming back and placing large boulders on top of the electrical valve boxes. It's a deterrent to put out the fire, because we've had so many problems in the last three weeks," said Guild.

In some cases, the rocks weigh as much as three tons.

Apartment Building Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out

An apartment complex was evacuated near American Pacific and Stephanie when a man reportedly shot himself and set his apartment on fire.

Emergency crews said they were getting two types of calls. One, that there was a fire. The second saying a man was on a balcony with a gun.

When fire crews arrived, they did see a man on a balcony with a gun as well as flames coming from his apartment.

Fire crews waited for police to arrive to actually talk to the man with the gun. Police aren't saying exactly what was said but they did try to talk with the man. That is when he shot and killed himself.

Fire crews then immediately went into the apartment to put out the fire. Two other apartments were also damaged during this incident. The man's apartment was completely destroyed by the flames.

Investigators say that when they took a look inside the apartment, they did notice that it looked like the man set the fire in several places.

Smoke Detector Alerts Family of Fire

The Henderson Fire Department responded to a house fire at the 2100 block Tour Edition Dr. in the Green Valley area of Henderson at 11:19pm Friday night.

Upon arriving firefighters found four of the residents who had evacuated the home, thanks in part to the smoke detectors alerting them to the fire, standing in the front yard. The residents informed the firefighters that the fire was in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house.

Firefighters were able to get water on the fire quickly and had it extinguished shortly after their arrival. The fire was believed to be accidental in nature but the cause is still be investigated. The total amount of damage to the house was estimated to be $100,000.