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Photo Gallery | Tots Test Toys at Henderson School

Kids at one pre-school in Henderson had a chance Tuesday to have every child's dream job: toy tester.

The Goddard School in Henderson was one of 20 Goddard Schools around the country to be chosen as a toy testing site. Toy companies submitted the toys, and kids were able to play with them. The winning toys will be put on the school's list of Pre-School Approved Toys.

The toys must more than just fun. They must also spark a child's imagination and encourage learning. The top ten list of toys will be announced in November just in time for holiday shopping.

"They will have a survey by the end of this week filled out with which toys attracted more attention. Why did they like playing with that toy more than the others." Jyoti Verma Goddard School owner said.

The Goddard School in Henderson was chosen from 380 Goddard Schools nationwide.